Front Wrap Cross Carry

Instructions to carry your baby in a Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC)

*ALWAYS keep one hand on your baby until you are confident that they are safely and securely wrapped*


1.  Find the middle of your wrap by locating the middle marker along either rail (fabric edge) of the wrap.


2.  Hold the middle marker against your upper chest with one hand and find the top rail of one side of your wrap with the other hand.



3.  Take the wrap behind you, across your back, and up and over your shoulder.  Be careful not to twist the wrap while completing this step.


DSC_00084. Take the other side of the wrap and do exactly as you did in step 3. Holding the top rail, bring it behind you, across your back and over the other shoulder.



5. This will leave you with a pocket in the front of your body and both wrap tails hanging over your shoulders.  This pocket is where your baby is going to be placed.


6. The wrap should form an ‘X’ on your back.



7. You will now pick your baby up and place them in a burping position high on your shoulder. While keeping one hand on your baby’s back, use your other hand to open the pocket. Slowly slide baby down into the top portion of the pocket. Now take your free hand and bring it up through the opening of the bottom of the pocket (keep your other hand supporting baby) and bring just your baby’s legs out through the bottom of the pocket.



*Important note: The top rail of the pocket should come up to the base of the baby’s neck. The fabric should lay flat across the baby’s back with no creases, which will then leave you extra fabric at the bottom of the pocket to create a ‘seat’ for your baby.



8.  With one hand still supporting your baby, you will now create a seat for your baby’s bum with the bottom portion of the pocket. You will do this by first taking your hand and pushing the extra fabric under their bum up between you and your baby’s body as far as you can comfortably reach.



9. Now you will reach down between you and your baby and locate the fabric that you pushed up between you. Bring the fabric up, creating a hammock, or a “seat” for your baby’s bottom.



10. Make sure that the pocket is spread under your baby from knee to knee. Baby’s knees should be sitting at a slightly higher position than their bum.

*You will now begin tightening the wrap*

Important note: To tighten the top of the pocket you will pull the rail located closest to your body, nearest your neck.  The bottom of the pocket is controlled by the rail located closest to your shoulder.



11.  While still keeping one hand on baby, begin tightening by choosing one side of the wrap and finding the top rail (located closest to your neck). Tighten by raising the tail up and slightly behind you while you pull upwards. This should take the slack out of the top portion of one side of the pocket.



12. Continue to tighten the middle portions of the pocket by pulling the middle sections of this tail. Make sure to pull it up and slightly behind you.



13. Now the bottom portion of the pocket needs to be tightened.  Do NOT pull the bottom rail too tight, as this will cause the extra fabric that has been created for the seat to be pulled out from under baby’s bottom.


14. You will now hold this tail with tension while you tighten the other side to ensure that the pocket doesn’t loosen.  Follow steps 11-13 and tighten the top, middle and bottom portions of the pocket.


DSC_008215. When fully tightened, the baby should be snugly against you with their face visible and their chin off of their chest. The baby should be high enough on your chest that you can kiss the top of their head with ease.



16. While keeping tension, you will now bring both tails down alongside baby’s body, towards baby’s bum.



17.  With the tail fabric gathered neatly in your hands, bring the tails under baby’s bum creating a cross with the fabric, locking in the seat. You will now switch hands and take the right tail with your left hand and the left tail with your right hand.



18. You will now put the tails under your baby’s legs.



19. Bring both tails behind you and tie them in a square knot.


20. You can spread out the shoulder passes of the wrap to alleviate any pressure points that may develop.


21. For a newborn or sleeping baby, you can support their head by bringing the fabric located beside the pocket, across and over the back of their head. NEVER cover the baby’s face with the fabric.


That’s it! You’ve now completed a Front Wrap Cross Carry!